About Zhagaram

Zhagaram was established in 2017 by five Engineers to handle this issue:

Doesn't everybody should manage the cost of a couple of excellent glasses? Hence, Zhagaram was conceived in Chennai.

The mission was basic: Give individuals higher-quality, better-looking solution glasses they can really manage. It began with battle, a modest organization with extraordinary thoughts.

Great eyewear, Better Vision.

It turns out there was a straightforward clarification. The eyewear business is dirtied by numerous non-standard organizations that has possessed the capacity to keep costs fractiously high to harvest gigantic benefits from buyers.

We began ZHAGARAM to make a distinction. Improve, plot, create, evade specialist Channels and attract with customers particularly, we can give higher-quality, better-looking arrangement eyewear at sensible expenses.

We take amazing pride in the possibility of the eyeglasses we supply, the idea with respect to our clients and the simplicity of our request outlines.

Teach the Indian Public that there was a superior and more reasonable approach than secure optical glasses.

To win concerning giving Optical Glasses to India to the whole deal it is essential to supply quality thing. Second grade glasses won't cut it. Subsequently, Zhagaram offers simply quality reading glasses, distance glasses, multi focal, Progressive and bifocal scenes and all at any rate costly expenses in India.

The above is a major explanation and we welcome you to get a statement from the retail Giants and look at our cost. You will be stunned at the huge reserve funds you will make for a similar quality item through Zhagaram.in Quality Control; Each combine of eyeglasses is checked by profoundly prepared quality control staff before being transported from our appropriation division direct to our clients, along these lines you can be guaranteed that quality measures are kept up to the most elevated amounts.